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Reining /  Working Cowhorse /Ranch Horse Versatility/ Ranch Sorting,

Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Speed Classes, Futures division for 1,2 and 3 year olds.

August 24-25, 2024 Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, NE

Judge: Jay Henson

Mt. Chic Photography will be there to capture your moments!

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Ranch sorting is a timed event class consisting of two riders with the objective of sorting ten head of cattle from one pen into another in a designated sequence. The team that sorts all ten head in the correct order with the fastest time will be declared the winner. You may participate on any number of teams. If the team members are in different divisions, say one NP and 1 Open rider, the higher division will be used (Open)

 (a) The basic concept of ranch sorting is that there are ten numbered cattle, 0-9, and two unnumbered cattle for a total 12 head at the beginning of a run behind a foul line in an arena with two people mounted on the other side of the foul line.

 (b) Ranch sorting will take place between two pens of approximately equal size.  Recommended sorting area to be 50' - 60' in diameter with no 90 degree corners, i.e. 60' round pen or octagonal 'stop sign' design.

 (c) The start foul line will be recommended as a 12' - 16' opening between the two pens.

 (d) There will be a 90 second clock. Time will continue until all cattle are sorted or the time limit is reached.

 (e) A lap timer or stopwatch is to be used in sorting classes to eliminate ties only. As clarification, the timer will be utilized ONLY in the case of a situation where a tie (or ties) occurs, e.g., in a situation where a team sorts 8 head and has a time of 75 seconds with a lap time of 64.32, while another team sorts 10 head in 68.32  seconds, clearly the 10 head team will be in the lead. The  timer will then be used only to break ties of all the 8 head runs in that go. Also, for breaking ties with multiple go rounds, the  time will be the determining factor and eliminate the ties by setting the order of combined times for placing purposes.

(f) There will be a minimum of one judge for sorting, to be positioned evenly with the foul line.

 (g) All cattle will be bunched on the cattle side of the gate within the designated area before the time begins. At the conclusion of each run, the judge will designate the need to bunch cattle.

 (h) The judge will raise the flag to signal when the arena is ready. The flag will drop when the nose of the first horse crosses the start/foul line and the announcer will provide the number to be sorted first. The riders will be given their number instantly. Any delay in crossing the foul line may result in a 'no-time' for the team.

 (i) All cattle must have legible back or neck numbers. The cattle are sorted in order. If any part of a numbered cow crosses the start/foul line prior to its correct order, then the team receives a no-time. If any part of a sorted cow re-crosses the start/foul line the team will be disqualified. If any part of any unnumbered cow crosses the foul line before the tenth cow is cleanly sorted, it will result in a no-time.

 (j) The order of sorting is determined by the picking of a random number by the announcer/timer and then that cow must be sorted first. For instance, if 5 is drawn as the first number, 5 is sorted first, then cow 6 must be sorted, 7, 8, 9, 0, 1 and so on. A cow is considered sorted when the entire cow is completely across the start/foul line.

 (k) If a numbered cow jumps any fence and either leaves the arena or ends up in the opposite pen, but did not pass through the gate, it will result in a re-ride for that team at the end of the herd, (assuming it was not caused by roughing), and time cannot be improved.

 (l) Should a herd be numbered incorrectly or have too many non-numbered cattle, the team(s) may receive a re-ride.

Top Scoring Morgan Awards For Each Class

 50% entry fees jackpotted. NMRHA Membership fee of $25 if not already a member to qualify for NMRHA awards and prizes.